About the Book

During the summer of 2006, I followed a map published by the Vermont Cheese Council to visit thirty-three cheese makers in every corner in the state. My goal was to observe the landscape that surrounded the farms, observe farmers as they rotated animals into verdant pastures, and watch each cheese maker in his or her make room (where the cheese is made) while culture was stirred into the warm milk or fresh curds hand-pressed into cheese molds.

The story behind every Vermont cheese goes beyond the beautiful label, the high-quality milk, the professional techniques, and the microflora that permeates the natural rinds of the cave-ripened cheese. Each farm and company has history.

The Vermont Cheese Book takes you on a culinary journey through the colorful landscape of Vermont to explore the geography, the diversity of the farms, and the flavors of the cheese. Whether you are exploring the state’s back roads by car or by bike, or simply enjoying the essence of Vermont cheese, this book will enhance your experience.